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We are unlike any other Optical Practice:

  • We have the largest selection of eyewear in the world.
  • We take MEDICARE and 11 VISION PLANS.
  • With our 11 VISION PLANS we offer you the largest selection of frames.  More frames than any other vision plan provider
  • Don't have a VISION PLAN?  Don't worry.
  • We are constantly running specials AND we honor and accept all other competing optical print ads currently runing in our local area publications. (We do not attempt to match such offers as Groupon or LivingSocial since these are volume/private contract arrangements.  If you can bring us 50-100 patients in 2 days, then let us know)

So, if you think there is a better deal at another optical, you are wrong.

In addition, we are the only optical company in the world that will honestly inform you if you DO NOT need any glasses. Also,  If your prescritpion HAS NOT changed we will tell you that as well. Unlike other optical chains, where the staff is forbidden to tell you these things, we will never lie to you. Since we are the largest independent optical store in Florida, we don't have to lie.

How do we know this? Well, I, Dr. Evans (who is writing this and who owns this company, ONE PRICE OPTICAL), has worked for many of the optical chains in Florida over the previous 32 years. I was told DIRECTLY by both chain owners and regional managers that "WE NEVER TELL A PATIENT THERE IS NO CHANGE".

I decided when I started this company, 12 years ago, that I would not cheat you like the "big box stores" or optical chains. Not only do I have a larger selection, lower prices and quicker service than anyone else, I also tell the truth.

The "independent" Doctors at these chains must tell you your eyes have changed, or that you need glasses, or put unnecessary glasses on children, OR they lose their job. Because I wouldn't do so, I was fired from Wal-Mart. That was the best thing that ever happened to me.


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  • One Price Optical
    325 NORTH  DEL  PRADO  

    North of Hancock Bridge Parkway  and South of Pine Island Road

    We are across the street from the big RACETRAC  gas station.

    Cape Coral FL 33909
    Phone: 239-573-8774
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