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Cataract Surgery

Almost all of us have cataracts, to some degree, in our 60’s, but early signs can be detected in our 50’s. We all will get cataracts eventually, but nobody can tell you how quickly they will advance.

The SUN speeds up cataract formation. The more time you are in the sun, the closer to the Equator, the “sooner” you may develop your cataracts……..The best thing to do is wear your sunglasses every time, and all the time, you are out-doors………..also, don’t smoke and don’t eat refined sugars…..since these life-style behaviours speed up cataract formation.

Cataracts is a disease of the eye that results in the clouding of the lens of the eyeball. Cataracts prevent clear images from appearing on the eye’s retina; causing mild, moderate, even severe blurred vision.

Typically an eye disorder associated with aging (over half of the people in America over age 80 have either had a cataract or cataract surgery), cataracts generally occur later in life as the lens structure within the human eye changes and gets older.

We will certainly speak to you about cataracts during and after your Exam and will help you decide what to do. Don’t Worry !!!


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cataracts iconThe more you know about cataracts, the better prepared you will be to deal with them – or help prevent them in the first place!